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March 2022 Articles

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

View our roundup of interesting articles we found over the course of October 2021.

Image via Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post

Private Equity Takes Aim At Disability Services

BREAKING: CMS wallops nursing homes with planned staffing requirements and increased penalties

Government Watchdog Raises Concerns About Abuse At Residential Facilities

Programs for people with disabilities still await funding

Combined Federal and State Spending on Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Totaled $116 billion in FY 2020, Serving Millions of Elderly Adults and People with Disabilities

Odds of nurse flight jump 50% in 10 months

White House Unveils Covid Plan Focused On People With Disabilities

CDC Adds IDD To List Of Conditions At Increased Risk From Covid-19

We’re caregivers and a state Medicaid raise is overdue given the people we help

Biden Names Picks to Serve on Disability Committee

Education Department Launches Historic Real Pay for Real Jobs Initiative for People with Disabilities

Waiting lists for IDD Services Balloon

REPORT: March 2022 Report to Congress on Medicaid and CHIP

Virginia is still failing people with disabilities, say families who are pleading for lawmakers to ‘see’ them

Family of severely autistic Evansville woman files wrongful death lawsuit

Special Olympics calls off World Winter Games in Russia

NCD report finds a return on investment for offering Medicaid dental care for adults with I/DD

Disability Advocates want CDC to Reinstate Indoor Mask Guidelines

Marlboro Boy With Severe Autism Sees Life-Changing Improvements With Cannabis Treatment

Low wages, low respect: CNA perceptions fuel staff exodus

Advocates want $246M for developmental disability services in Illinois

Colorado violates rights of people with disabilities by segregating them in nursing homes, DOJ alleges

Bill blocking Tennessee employers from paying disabled workers less passes Senate

State agency cuts care for Tampa Bay woman with severe autism, mom says

Christian nonprofit accused of abusing special needs children in its care

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